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Office Alert!‚Äč

January 7, 2018


I'm elated! This week we acquired an office in Downtown Montgomery Area! !!!Praise Break!!!! As you know we were a home based business, but I found myself not be as productive as I could be while being at home. I was tooooo comfortable! Laundry, dishes, and every other chore took precedence (parents I know you can feel me on this). At times I found myself doing everything except sitting in front of my computer handling my business.  Upon making a decision to start my own business I had doubts.  I doubted myself! I wondered if people would say is she even qualified, (YES! 11 years of Human Resource/Administrative experience). I wondered if people would say, "Virtual Assistant", what's that? I wondered if the services that I was thinking about offering were even important.  

To be a successful I knew I had to do 3 things:

1.) Keep God first as always and know that with him I would not/could not fail!

2.) Secure 2 seasoned & successful Business owners to shadow and ask for mentorship. (you are never to old to learn)

3.) Stay focused!  In order to be effective I would have to buckle down, have discipline, and put those time management skills to the test!

(stay focused Ashley,you got this!)

SO, long story short when the opportunity presented itself for an office I could not pass it up! Simply because my approach to being a home based business was no longer effective.  I stepped out on faith and decided that this would be a great move for me. 

OK, so Wednesday, January 3rd the exact same day I viewed the office space I received this UPLIFT message @ 2:32pm: 

The elevator to your next level of effectiveness is acknowledging that your current approach no longer works! #dropsmic OK!

For those of you that are connected with the Hart Ramsey daily UPLIFT messages you know how they can speak to your very own situation.

Text UPLIFT to 46786 for encouraging and uplifting messages every day @ 2:32pm.

Thanks to everyone that is supporting me in the beginning stage of business! Thank God for the vision he gave me! I thank him for trusting me with this Virtual Assistant business. 

Be blessed everyone and dare to dream!


Real Estate Professionals (Staging Matters)

November 17, 2017


This has been an awesome week in the JAMM world! We had the opportunity to work with Real Estate professionals and Staging & reDesign Professionals. WHEW! I see why they make the big bucks! We were able to walk side by side with these professionals to see what all goes into listing a property and the amount of effort that was put into this process. This home was staged by a local staging company 

(CCI Premier reDesign & Staging). They do absolutely amazing work and this home is definitely staged to sell!  We were able to create a contemporary flyer design to compliment the GOOD BONES in the home to assist them with visual content for potential home buyers. This is an ongoing project and I'm so excited to be apart of the team. 

***Staging & Redesign website *** 

                                   Thank me later ; )

Hats off to all the Real Estate Professionals & Investors! 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


When there is no way, create your own way!

August 20, 2018


It's been a while! I must admit that I've been enjoying JAMM and the flexibility that comes along with it. As I reflect on the past months I can't help but to think how good God is! When I look at my YTD income, though it may not be much all I can say is, "Ashley, you did that!" I made a profitable income off of services that I didn't even think anyone would pay for... Imagine thinking of a way to put the skills you've gained into action and having someone pay for something that you created! Surreal right! When I tell you that God showed out the night he gave me this vision! I never knew the Virtual Assistant Industry even existed. Mind blowing when I found out that this was actually a thing...

I thought about how easy it would have been to give up after I decided to get out of the Military. I probably applied for around 27 jobs! I have an Associates, a B.S. in Business Admin/Human Resource Management, and 11 year Military background, but I wasn't receiving 1 call back... FRUSTRATING! A month before I started my business I received a call from a company and they wanted to hire me at $8 per hour. WOW! All this debt I have for getting a degree to land me a great job, FAIL! Nothing against $8 per hour, but I felt like my education and experience was worth more than that! This can't be life! Out of frustration JAMMED formed....I couldn't find a way, so I made my own way! I'm not where I want to be, but I'm far from where I started. Don't be afraid to step out and follow your dreams. I did it and it's working for me : ) 



Why You Need To Hire A VA!

January 3, 2018

Happy New Year JAMMERS!

2019 is the year for INCREASE! I'm claiming increase in my business and all others! It's a must that we increase our productivity to increase our profitability. When I think of all the things that go into maintaining a successful and sustainable business I immediately think about multitasking, time, schedules, and a load of other things. (my mind immediately starts thinking of ALL thing administrative) I'm sure you have the same thoughts (on a much bigger level) and I'm glad that you do. There is help for you!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will free up your time so you can focus on getting more clients and handling the big fish (as they say). By hiring a VA you increase your time spent on profit provoking strategies while your VA handles the back end. By back end I'm referring to follow up calls, cold calling, email marketing, invoice management, social media management, etc... 

Businesses that are growing can reduce cost of hiring a full time in office assistant by hiring a VA! 

NO overhead

NO excess spending on computer/office equipment

NO wasted time in the office when there is no work

NO benefits

NO employee drama

and the list goes on! You get the picture right?

It's really a win-win work relationship! The best thing about becoming a VA and assisting other small businesses and entrepreneurs is that I get to chose who I want to work with and so do you. Man, I'm loving it!!

You save TIME and MONEY! If you're ready to  

REDUCE operational cost

REDUCE workload 

STRENGTHEN your weak area &

FOCUS on core operations

well..... you're in the right place!